Anti Vibration Coupling

We are engaged in offering our clients a comprehensive range of Flexible Coupling & Anti Vibration Mountings. These mechanical power transmission couplings are widely appreciated for their rigid structure, metallic high performance and for the proven service excellence all over the world. These Flexible Coupling & Anti Vibration Mountings are engineered based on field and technical expertise to provide the best possible cost effective solution.
Our range of Couplings is one of the most versatile, economical and reliable piping systems available. These are the economical choice for large torque and bore applications as well as the choice for limited space installations or high speed applications.


  • absorb and dampen irregularities in the torque
  • distribute peak loads
  • allow misalignments and offsets between the shafts
  • permit some distortions in the mounting beds
  • avoid the unwelcome constraints that may occur if a rigid coupling were fitted in the same conditions
  • allow a lighter construction, with wider tolerances, and lower cost