Base Mount Isolator

BASE isolators are adjustable levelling feet of your machines. BASE offers engineered solutions for vibration isolation using variety of anti vibration material. BASE anti vibration mountings are available as anti vibration platform, cylindrical vibration isolators, engine mounts, heavy duty levelling feet, isolation pads, rubber isolators, shock isolators, spring isolators, spring hangers etc.
Typical applications include their use under controllers, large pumps, fans, motors, compressors, and other medium load equipment. Their durometers are 45 and 60 5. AAC stocks a wide range of antivibration and shock isolation products which include: stud nut type mounts, base plate fastened mounts, wheels, leveling foot mounts, suspension mounts, spring, steel mesh cable mounts, bumpers, shock absorbers channel mounts, bushings grommets, pads, tapes, and couplings. These products are stocked in different materials including: rubber, neoprene, urethane, Sorbothane, stainless steel mesh and springs. Many are suitable for use in extreme environmental conditions. Of special interest is a complete selection of Silicone Gel floor mounts, pads, sheets, plus paste-type thermal gel.