Cable Isolation Mounts

The advantages of a wire rope isolator (also known as cable mount) lie in the ability to combine a high level of both shock and vibration isolation, in combination with relatively small dimensions. Wire rope isolators are limited by their own construction and may for this reason be loaded in any direction without the risk of malfunctioning.
Wire rope isolators are maintenance-free and are not subject to aging due to external factors like oil, salt water, chemicals and variations in temperature. Most applications of wire rope isolators are found in situations where equipment needs to be mounted against shock or vibration, but where sound isolation is of minor importance.

Resolve Shock & Vibration Issues :

  • Rugged, metal construction
  • Low frequency, highly damped vibration isolation
  • Excellent shock attenuation
  • Wide temperature range, -200F to +650F
  • Fail-safe construction
  • Maintenance-free