Cushy Foot Mounts

We manufacture Cushy Foot Mountings that find wide uses in diesel engines, combustion engines, air conditioning units, etc.
Cushy Foot Mountings are designed such that when any equipment is placed on them, the rubber-to-metal bonded rectangular inserts are loaded in compression and shear-a combination which lends longevity with the best load/deflection characteristics. These cannot become 'solid' and thus rendered ineffective-a failure from which many so-called anti-vibration devices. Our mountings are so designed that the rubber is protected from oil and physical damage by the use of robust castings. They also provide three planes of stiffness-vertical transverse and longitudinal, thereby allowing them to be employed for optimum performance and use. Full advantage can be taken of this characteristic by disposing the mountings so that greater flexibility is available in the direction in which it is needed.


  • Diesel Generating Sets/Diesel Engines
  • Air Compressors (both reciprocating type and screw compressors)
  • Fan and Motor Units
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Combustion Engines
  • Mixers, Crushers and Rolling Mills ACF/A Series