Double 'U' Shear Mounts

Double 'U' Shear mounts are capable of dampening shock & vibrations in the vertical as well as lateral directions. These double 'u' shear mounts also incorporates built-in protection against metal to metal bottoming.
Material - Standard Material - Hardness and Natural Rubber - 45,50,60,70,80 Shore A
Operating Conditions: - (i) Shear F2 / Fy - 120 N to 2000N, (ii) Max. temperature - 600C, transient +80 0C and (iii) Min. temperature - -50 0C.
Fitting & Installation: - (i) Double U - Shear mounts have threads to accommodate grooves. (ii) Avoid non - load dependent offset wof the U-Shaped channel sections relative to each other. (iii) Individual components permit adjustments to allow for in-situ planar offset. (iv) It is important to ensure full surface contact between the mating faces of the U-shaped channel sections and the frame on the one hand and the supported mass on the other.

These double 'u' shear mounts are used for the application in:

  • Blowers
  • Compressors
  • Small Gensets
  • Control Panels