Dyna Mount

ALMIR RUBBER MALL PVT. LTD. provide dyna mount for most noise and vibration reduction circumstances.
The DYNA MOUNT will act as an isolator, reducing vibratory transmissions to a considerable extent.
DYNA MOUNT Anti-Vibration machine mounts consist of three metal plates i.e. Top Plate, Free Plate & Bottom Plate . These metal plates are molded with special rubber. A nut is provided at the center of top plate for fixing the base plate of the machine by means of bolt / stud. Free plate is floating on the rubber inside
Bottom plate protects rubber of DYNA MOUNT from getting damage by oil water or any chemical spill on the floor.


  • Shock and Vibration Isolation
  • No Foundation required
  • Flexible Production Line
  • Reduce Maintenance Cost
  • Built-in leveling device
  • Less noise
  • Ensure long and trouble free operating of. Machine / Equipment