Anti Vibration Pads & Mounts

ALMIR RUBBER MALL PVT. LTD. provide anti-vibration rubber pads and mounts for most noise and vibration reduction circumstances. Our products are manufactured using quality materials such as stainless steel, high-grade nylon polymer, and nitrile rubber. Our product range is extremely diverse, ranging from air suspensions, engine mounts, cab mounts, shock mounts and spherical bearings through to simple rubber buffers, bushes, mouldings and machine leveling feet. Our Anti Vibration Rubber Pads serve consistently for longer period of time. Our anti vibration rubber pads are widely acclaimed by our customers because these rubber pads insulate high frequency vibration and sound. We offer a wide range of anti vibration pads, which can reduce and dampen the vibrations caused by machineries, air-conditioning and refrigeration plants and many others.

Leveling Foot Mounts

Leveling elements are used to provide a level, stable base for machinery or equipment, one that limits tipping, vibration, wear and noise. We offer an excellent selection of leveling feet to accommodate every application. Our steel and stainless steel leveling mounts are available in tapped and stud types.. read more

Rubber Cylindrical Anti-Vibration Mounts & Shock Mounts

ALMIR RUBBER MALL PVT. LTD. offers five different types of cylindrical mounts. They are very simple to use and provide excellent isolation. These mounts are available in natural rubber as standard but other compounds are available on request. read more

Base Isolator Mounts

BASE isolators are adjustable levelling feet of your machines. BASE offers engineered solutions for vibration isolation using variety of anti vibration material. read more

Cable Isolators

Wire rope isolators are limited by their own construction and may for this reason be loaded in any direction without the risk of malfunctioning.

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