Square Cell Pad

It is a high quality neoprene rubber moulded into scientifically designed resilient material. The Square Cell Pads surfaces have moulded recesses offset-cells to allow flow of rubber when under load while maintaining lateral stability. This design eliminates the shape factor usually associated with elastomeric pads. It also provides positive grip to machine foot and foundation when under load. It can be used in any shape/ size/ thickness/ number of layers. It is proved ideal for isolating all the six degrees of vibration and shock and effectively reducing structure borne noise.

These pads are available with us in different sizes and designs and can be custom made as per the requirements of the customers. Made from superior quality rubber materials and serve consistently for longer period of time. These are widely used in the following:


  • Air conditioning equipments,
  • Guillotines,
  • Grinders, headers,
  • Heating and ventilating equipments,
  • Inertia blocks,
  • Instruments panels,
  • Impact machines, laboratory equipments, machine tools,
  • Pumps, printing machines, presses,
  • Textile machinery and transformers.