Stabiflex Mounting

The STABIFLEX mounting comprises a conical rubber section bonded between inner and outer metal parts.
(i) Centre axis with threaded hole. (ii) Square (4 holes) or diamond base (2 holes) with clearance hole. (iii) Bonded natural rubber, anti-slip bead. (iv) Cup to protect the rubber and distribute the load
Characteristics : (i) Axial elasticity two or three times higher than radial elasticity. (ii) The rubber works in shear/compression. (iii) Progressive buffer against shocks or accidental overload. (iv) Anti-slip (may be placed directly on the ground).


  • Excellent isolation in both compression and shear loadings
  • Vibrations in the horizontal and vertical planes isolated
  • No corrosion problems due to lightweight aluminium construction
  • Metal cover protects rubber from oils and solvents
  • Can accommodate a large range of static loads
  • Three rubber stiffnesses distinguished by colour coding
  • Offers a metal protection shield for the rubber in applications where this is considered necessary